The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lesser of Two Evils by Lillian Chan | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL

Salad Bar Fraud!

Salad Bar Fraud | EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL by Lillian Chan

Christmas When You’re in Your 30′s

Christmas When You're In Your 30's

I’m still trying to come to terms with growing up, which is difficult when everyone else is. It’s probably gonna take me a while longer to actually embrace adulthood.

Anyhoo, hope you all have a happy holiday!

P.S. I actually do enjoy receiving the family photo cards — but maybe not the whole madness of finding gifts. I’m pretty terrible at it.

P.S.S. This was in last week’s issue of the Sampan Newspaper — the last one for 2014! But we will be back in 2015!

I Can’t Stop Watching the “Blank Space” Music Video by Taylor Swift. Gawd.

Mrs. Eng Is NOT Inivited!


Life Injustices! Fancy $3 Cup Coffee Drama

Life Injustices: Fancy $3 Cup Cofee Drama | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by LILLIAN CHAN

Go Pats!


Pumpkin, pumpkin…everywhere!

Pumpkin, pumpkin...everywhere! EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Chan

Go Vote! Tuesday, Sep 9th

Go Vote! EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Chan

Perform your civic duty…hopefully, more informed than ah-Lin’s. In Massachusetts, primary elections will take place. Check out this Voters’ Guide with a listing of all the candidates.

Fangirl: Animal Crackers by Gene Luen Yang

Animal Crackers by Gene Luen Yang | Empty Bamboo Girl by Lillian Chan

Animal Crackers” by Gene Luen Yang

I knew that I would enjoy reading Animal Crackers because it’s by one of my all-time fave comic writer/artist Gene Luen Yang. I just didn’t realize just how much I would like it. The writing is so damn…thoughtful.

The work here precedes American Born Chinese. The skill Gene has in weaving a story and making you fall in love with his characters — flaws and all — in just a few panels is as present here as in American Born Chinese. I am simply in awe.

This one handy volume collects Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks and Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order, my first two graphic novels. Gordon Yamamoto started off as a 28-page comic that I self-published with a grant from the Xeric Foundation.  Loyola Chin was originally published as mini-comics.  It’s great to see them in square-bound format.  I added a 12-page bonus feature where I talk about making comics, publishing comics, and the awesomeness of comics. READ MORE >

On a side note, my greatest disappointment while I was at San Diego Comic Con this year was not meeting Gene. I tried, but didn’t try hard enough since I didn’t realize that he’d probably be making appearances at other booths as well. So, this was as close as I was able to get to him:


One day :)