Anita Yavich, aka Badass of all Badasses

Photo Jan 20, 11 38 41 PM

Today’s sketch of the day is dedicated to Anita Yavich, who popped up in my Twitter newsfeed today during the inauguration.

This photograph of Anita was inspiring because when have I ever seen an Asian lady flip two birds with such strength and conviction?

And the “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” quote? From my favorite comic Mockingbird that unfortunately got cancelled…which sucks because it was SO funny! I’m still kinda mad about that *cough* Marvel *cough*.

The sketch was done with some Geico branded ball point pen I don’t know where I got.


It’s Almost New Year Time…

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Photo Jan 17, 11 10 21 PM

I have been lion dancing for more than 10 years now and I always seem to block out how crazy stressful it is as the lunar new year arrives – weekend-to-weekend of performances not even including the Chinatown parade, which is basically a marathon of lion dance.

Anyhow, only 10 more days to go before the first of the performances kick off. Gigs at Peabody Essex Museum on 1/28; Museum of Fine Arts on 2/4; and Chinatown on 2/12.