Snowmageddon 2013

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Papermate pen doodly-doo.

It looks like this #Nemo weather situation is going to be a doozy of a blizzard.

The city is pretty much going to be shut down at noon — public transportation will be coming to a halt at 3:30PM. I was wiser this time around and did my essentials shopping yesterday — i.e., milk and a 6-pack of hard cider. I am good to go 😛

Anyhow, apologies for the digital dust bunnies accruing here — work has zonked me out as well as prepping for the Lunar New Year. And by the way, I’m always tempted to refer to it as Chinese New Year like most but Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and others celebrate it as well. With that being said, please be on the look-out for new comics every Wednesday and Friday.

Process: Goat Cheese is Poo

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The poopy goat sketch

Mr. Lee asked me about yesterday’s I-hate-goat-cheese comic: “So, how did you do it? Did you do it all with the computer or did you draw it?”

I sketched out the goat with my trusty 3B pencil, took a photo of it, Dropbox‘d it (because I’m too lazy to use the scanner since I do all my work lying in bed), and then went over it in Illustrator with my Wacom pen and tablet (the itty bitty Bamboo model because it’s portable). From there, I worked everything out in Illustrator.
Now, I tend to inwardly cringe a little when people ask me if I did something via the computer or if I drew by hand. It makes it seem as though drawing with the computer requires no effort — that the computer magically draws everything out for you.
Sure, you can make it trace something out, but you can also use a lightbox and do the same thing by hand.
I look at Illustrator and my Wacom pen & tablet in the same way as breaking out acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas.
It’s a medium. It’s a tool. It is neither better nor worse.