Don’t Be a Wiener: The Steve King Edition

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Don't Be a Wiener: The Steve King Edition by LILLIAN LEE | EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL

Congressman Steve King (@SteveKingIA), who represents the 4th district of Iowa, is the focus of today’s wiener series. He represents a very conservative section of Iowa so I guess these fine people voted for their perfect racist candidate. Keep it up.

His beautiful tweet among many others:

At least he stands by his racism:

On Monday, confronted about his tweet, he told CNN, “I meant exactly what I said,” adding that he would “like to see an America that’s just so homogeneous that we look a lot the same, from that.”

If only more members of the GOP would come up against him and slam him – cuz you are the racist company that you keep. Until then, thank you Ana Navarro (@ananavarro):