ASPIRE Conference

Guess where I’ll be this Saturday afternoon?

I’ll be speaking on a panel called “Fearless” For ASPIRE (Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence).

Me? Fearless? There is no bravery involved whatsoever when it comes to the things I do be it with art, lion + dragon dancing, or my 30 blind dates project (which ended up being 4 because #4 ended up being the one).

I don’t think about the consequences or rationalize why I should do something versus not do it. Am I scared of failing? Humiliating myself? Hey, those are a given. I just do it and deal with whatever may come my way.

Seriously, what’s the use in worrying? Life doesn’t last forever so I might as well make the best of what time I have…for the most part. I mean, I do have moments of absolute couch-potato-ness, don’t get me wrong.


So if you’re interested in going, there’s still time to get tickets here.


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