Process: Goat Cheese is Poo

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The poopy goat sketch

Mr. Lee asked me about yesterday’s I-hate-goat-cheese comic:¬†“So, how did you do it? Did you do it all with the computer or did you draw it?”

I sketched out the goat with my trusty 3B pencil, took a photo of it, Dropbox‘d it (because I’m too lazy to use the scanner since I do all my work lying in bed), and then went over it in Illustrator with my Wacom pen and tablet (the itty bitty Bamboo model because it’s portable).¬†From there, I worked everything out in Illustrator.
Now, I tend to inwardly cringe a little when people ask me if I did something via the computer or if I drew by hand. It makes it seem as though drawing with the computer requires no effort — that the computer magically draws everything out for you.
Sure, you can make it trace something out, but you can also use a lightbox and do the same thing by hand.
I look at Illustrator and my Wacom pen & tablet in the same way as breaking out acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas.
It’s a medium. It’s a tool. It is neither better nor worse.