Black Widow (2014) #20, Say It Ain’t the End!


And so the team that gave us this latest story arc for Black Widow have closed out this particular story with issue #20. Say it ain’t so! *sniff sniff*

WHO IS THE BLACK WIDOW? What set off her long path of atonement? The creative team that’s brought you the longest run in Black Widow history steps deeper into the psyche of Natasha Romanoff than ever before. MORE

It was a tough issue to read — you learn more about Natasha’s past and also how she tries to atone for it in the present. This Black Widow storyline is what really got me into the superhero genre of comics. Previously, I wasn’t very much impressed with the boob’d out nakedness of the heroines. It just didn’t appeal to me. But then, why would it?

That all changed when I saw the artwork and read the story for issue #1 of Black Widow. Nathan Edmondson (writer) and Phil Noto (artist) just killed it on all fronts. They made me fall in love with Natasha even though she’s not perfect. She’s done some shitty things, but that’s what makes her…human…and a kickass fighter.

So, I want to thank both Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto for their amazing work. I look forward to their future projects…altho sad that this arc of Black Widow has come to an end.

Also, I couldn’t resist…

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