That story about the young whale being found dead with a stomach full of plastic? It really hit me.

The visuals of plastic bags being pulled out of the whale carcass was disturbing. The more scary part is that this is going to be a common occurrence from here on out.

Instead of feeling totally defeated about the situation, I had to do something. So then, I attempted to live a plastic-free life for 24 hours and…failed miserably which goes to illustrate how pervasive plastics is.

What did me in? Needing an iced coffee fix after work because up until then I was killing it. Moby Dick’s descendants would’ve been so proud.

Dear Moby Dick and Reducing Plastic Waste | Empty Bamboo Girl by Lillian Lee

a medium plastic cup with killer straw

I’m not going to let this slip-up stop me tho. I’m just going to keep trying. Step 1?

Invest in a reusable travel coffee tumbler.

Dear Moby Dick and Reducing Plastic Waste | Empty Bamboo Girl by Lillian LeeI have travel mugs but nothing in the 16oz/medium size range. So, off I went to spend a ridiculous amount of time researching the right cup color, material and shape.

I decided on the stainless steel Miir 16oz tumbler in white – light weight, durable and pretty. Even tho the $22 price point for it is kinda steep, at least a portion of the sale will go toward giving initiatives.

When it arrives, I’ll document what it’s like to live with it for a week. I know that this is not going to put any huge dent into this impending plastic apocalypse, but I’m hoping that it’ll reign in my apathy and force me to generate less trash because we all know that recycling ain’t happening anymore.

The world is in flames.