Comics · February 4, 2021

Comics Rewind: On Student Loan Debt

Thank gawd I attached my comics to emails because a couple months ago my hard drive died and took out all my artwork with it. Sifting through all the messages and downloading them one by one, I came across this old one from 2006 that is still current.

back when my last name was Chan 🙂

Because 15 years later, student loan debt has ballooned to the point where there is currently a plan to do away with at least $50K which I suppose is a start but it’s also an interesting number…

I didn’t finish paying off my student loans until just a few years ago and that was after having been in the work force for over a decade.

And yes, I have two bachelor’s degrees. One for journalism and the other for art. Not the most lucrative areas of study but it’s worked out for me – knock on wood!