Simply Radishing Collection

My latest illustration and design is an ode to the daikon radish now on Redbubble.

2020 Happy Lunar Year of the Rat

Get ready for the lunar new year of the rat celebrations! This year, the holiday will fall on Saturday, January 25.

An Illustrated Christmas Tree for the Holidays

It was a rough day from the start and didn’t get better until I got home to the family. Once everyone was settled down (

A Kawaii Rice Cooker Illustration

This little rice cooker can get steaming mad at times but generally simmers down for the most part 😂

An Illustrated Banana Revealed

A cute, little banana that’s been revealed.

Steamed Fish illustration

Here is my latest illustration process video of a steamed whole fish with ginger, scallions, and soy sauce which was actually

Happy Clementine Collection is Now Available!

New art and design featuring a happy clementine just in time for the upcoming lunar new year is up on my Redbubble shop.

Empty Bamboo Girl Youtube Channel

I’ve set up a Youtube channel to start sharing artwork, illustrations and maybe some random stuff once a week.

2019 Inktober Wrap-Up

31 days, 31 drawings. Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawin

Original artwork and illustrations now available on Redbubble

Kicking off the opening of my Redbubble shop (, I have a series of sea creatures – j

Wedding Portrait: Pho-Evah And Evah

A couple getting married made a request for a portrait. I was more than happy to work on this project.

EBG In Collaboration With Chinese American Family

In collaboration with Chinese American Family, Empty Bamboo Girl is releasing a set of kawaii good eats designs featuring

3 Things to Consider Before ‘Reply All’ Email

There aren’t really 3 things to consider when you get the ‘Reply All’ itch – there’s only one. Don&#

A Mass Casualty Series: America, Home of Mass Shootings

Back-to-back mass shootings. Still, nothing gets done because some of our politicians are bitchasses to the NRA.

Alternative Menstruation Emojis

The emoji council will be releasing new emojis! Among them is one for periods — a single drop of blood. love it but i want t