New Normals in the Age of Covid-19

Things I did before Covid-19…and things I do now during Covid-19.

Is It Safe Yet?

Phase 3 of Boston’s reopening begins today.

Tips on How to Stay Safe as You Venture Out During Reopening

Who else is worried about getting hate-crimed?

Quarantine Coping Mechanisms

In the beginning, I went hog wild with every chip you could imagine – dill pickle chips, Cheetos, Doritos, boba popcorn, shr

Unprecedented Times

The temptation grows with each day. Maybe this time will be different…or maybe not.

Choose Your Quarantine House

I would definitely go with House 5 – intergalactic adventures? Hell, yes! But a close close second would be House 2.

Covid-19 Questions

My latest covid-19 comic was inspired by a brilliant gif.

Being Out & About During Covid-19

It seems as though everyone is expecting the other person to initiate the six feet of social distancing. In the end, no separa

A Tip On Video Meetings

As we all move into video meetings, online learning and television interviews, there’s just one tip to be mindful of. Be

On Coronavirus Lockdown

Anyone else having a hard time keeping their elderly folks at home?

The Moms Are Ready

This coronavirus era has just reaffirmed my mother’s food hoarding / apocalypse planning ways. I guess she was right all


In the pre-Coronavirus era, everyone was fine being their nasty selves. Handwashing? WTF was that? After Coronavirus?

Boston Media Coverage of Coronavirus

The constant news coverage of the coronavirus is nonstop. And with that, the constant pairing of it with imagery featuring Chi

SONY Coronavirus…Hysteria

PAX East is a week away and SONY has decided to pull out of the convention over coronavirus (aka COVID-19) fears. Seriously?

The Power of the Face Mask

It’s a great time be an Asian and Asian American. Coronavirus hysteria is in full force and you can feel extra long look