An Evening with Gene Luen Yang at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

When I learned that Gene Luen Yang would be making a stop in my neck of the woods, you best believe I jumped on getting tickets early on. He is my hero and Brookline Booksmith hosted the event at the Coolidge Corner Theatre with a book signing after the talk back at the shop.

The weather sucked. It was super gloomy, dark and torrential downpours filled the entire day, but I didn’t care. Nothing was going to rain on this parade.

So, with the Mister, we listened to the famed graphic novelist and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature talked about how comics influenced him as a kid growing up and discussed Reading Without Walls – a new challenge for young readers designed to test their limits and expand their horizons…which we may take up as well.

An Evening with Gene Luen Yang at the Coolidge Corner Theatre | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Lee

Let us all embrace our nerd. It was truly an inspirational talk – one that I needed to hear.


An Evening with Gene Luen Yang at the Coolidge Corner Theatre | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Lee

Me being super creepy as the excitement built as I got closer and closer to my comic creator hero. FYI I tried stalking him at San Diego Comic Con many years ago, but failed.


An Evening with Gene Luen Yang at the Coolidge Corner Theatre | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Lee

I was so nervous that I just became a super, awkward loser in front of him. Words started tripping out of my mouth about how he’s inspired my work…that I work on my own comic too. Ahhhh! But, no matter. This meeting meant the world to me. So thank you Gene Luen Yang for your work and inspiring words.

Meeting Bill Amend of Fox Trot at PAX East 2017

Bill Amend of Fox Trot and me at PAX East 2017 | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Lee

I met my cartoonist / comic strip / comic art hero Bill Amend of Fox Trot last Sunday at PAX East. I knew I had a mission when I saw his tweet in my feed the day before the show:

It was the only thing I was looking forward to at PAX East to be honest. And there he was, sitting at his table as I made it past the metal detectors and security.

Bill Amend of Fox Trot and me at PAX East 2017 | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Lee

I picked up one of the two pins he was selling – Quincy for the win! Of course, I asked him to sign it for me.

I told him how much I loved his work and how much he’s inspired my comic work. Right afterward, I ran away ‘cuz that’s how I do.

To read more about my day at PAX East, check out: Video games, video games and…my hero, Bill Amend! PAX East 2017!

Stripped: The Comics Documentary

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So, I have been at a crossroads with my comic — where is it going? what am I doing? And then, I take a break. Fire up Netflix on the Mister’s PS3 and what do I see in the ‘Recently Added’ queue? Stripped.

Oh man, can I say how inspired I am? To learn about the history, the process, and to hear from some of my cartoon heroes! I now have a more clear idea of what I want to do.

I do have the compilation book I’m putting together, but I’m also going to start fleshing out ah-Lin’s character and her world some more. This is quite momentous given that tomorrow is my birthday and a lot of stuff has been going on behind the scenes that have been a bit challenging.

But, in the very wise words of the great P. Diddy, “Can’t nobody hold me down, oh no I got to keep on movin’.”

STRIPPED is the ultimate love-letter to comic strips. It brings together the world’s best cartoonists to talk about the art form they love, and what happens to it as newspapers die.

Fun Times at Boston Comic Con 2013

Mr. Lee and I made our way to the Seaport Hotel Saturday afternoon. The plan was to meet up with the Lee crew.

First Thing First
signed comics by Mike Choi; indie comic called “Tuna Time”; and 10 issues of Batgirl / Cassandra Cain for $6
I needed to get to Mike Choi‘s booth so that he could sign my copy of X-23: Target X. What was the rush? I don’t quite know, but I just wanted to get to him and get to him Mr. Lee and I did. While waiting in line, the guy in front of me brought along a book to be signed, which was great and all except…
it wasn’t Mike Choi’s work.
Mike Choi signing my copy of X-23: Target X
When my turn came up to meet him, I asked if he could sign the book. He was super nice and I also purchased a copy of Lookbook 2013-2014. I’m shit when it comes to small talk or anything of the sort so the only thing I could say to him was, “I really love your work!”
Jeeze. I’m lame. I know.
Anyhow, onwards to the cosplay which was most impressive this year. Here are a few of my faves:
Michelangelo. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Why, hello there, Michelangelo!
Voltron, the cardboard edition
random booth prop
some booth decor
R2-D2, Star Wars
A working, motorized R2-D2 making his exit
Bumbleebee, Transformers
It’s a Bumblebee Crossing! This costume was ginormous.
Batgirl / Cassandra Cain Back Issues
Batgirl / Cassandra Cain back issues
It was a great Con — way bigger and more people than what I expected.
Fortunately, I found some Batgirl back issues missing from my collection. Picked up six issues — even found the final and last one #73. Yay.
The Lee crew and I hung around until the close of the show. By then, the crowds had petered out considerably and we finally were able to check out stuff we’d missed/didn’t have a chance to see.
Smells Like…Tuna Time by Christopher Clayton Holt
Like, this one comic — Smells Like…Tuna Time by Christopher Clayton Holt. The cover art was graphic and funny. And then, when I was told that it was a compilation of food service clerk experiences, I was sold.
It’s seriously a great and super funny read.
All in all, it was a great time spent with friends, bumping into old ones, getting some back issues, meeting an artist I admire, and discovering a new fellow indie comic artist.
Me as Paul Bunyan with Big Toe Uglydoll and Babe the Blue Ox during the 2012 Superhero 5K race
I should’ve brought out my Paul Bunyan costume to cosplay in.

Hello and Goodbye Nemo, aka Snowmageddon 2013

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From left to right, top to bottom: I should’ve written ‘HELP’ instead; we ran out of spots to dump the snow; MaMa Chan is way too meticulous with her shoveling; my little Fit and all the other cars were buried.
The weather people weren’t lying this time when they forecasted this blizzard.
But that’s to be expected living in New England. What has been surprising were the driving bans and public transportation system being shut down.
Needless to say, my arms are killing me from all the shoveling. It was pretty epic.
Let’s hope that the city will be dug out by Monday. And know that when I leave for work, my shoveled-out parking spot on the street will be claimed by me with a bucket.


A night with Louis C.K. in Boston

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From top to bottom, left to right: view of the stage from our seats, me and Mr. Lee pre-show, Louis C.K. thanks to the zoom on the Canon S95 digicam.

The highlight this past weekend has to be the Louis C.K. show on Saturday night at Symphony Hall.

I’d been hearing about him for quite some time, but never thought to check out what he was about until I caught his stand-up show Chewed Up on Netflix. And I kicked myself for not finding out about him sooner because the man is hilarious!

His humor is self-deprecating and he finds those small, innocuos moments and horrible thoughts we’ve all experienced/had to get you hee-hawing away.

This particular show was no different — I was rolling as much as I could given that I was still getting over my flu (nothing was going to stop me from seeing him ^_O). Mr. Lee and our New Yorker amigo were absolutely dying.

He ended the show on such a strong note — even slipped in a joke about slavery and how the Chinese built the railroad. His total disgust for Boston / his hometown of Newton and how we all turn into horrible human beings when we’re behind the wheel were my faves — but from beginning, middle, to end it was a solid show.

And now, I’m downloading his other shows and trolling Youtube for anything and everything I can find like this Howard Stern interview he did back in 2006:

Louis C.K. rules.

Christmas Delight

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If you’ve been following my trials and tribulations of late then you’ll know that I’ve been resurrecting my 1st generation PSP. I even tracked down the memory stick and everything to get it back up and running.
And then, and then…
A surprise from Mr. Lee on Christmas Day — the new PS Vita AND the latest Lumines game!
It’s such a beautiful piece of gaming — SO much lighter than my PSP dinosaur and I have to say that the touch typing on this thing is better than with the iPad.
Ok and now the downside — but if you’ve ever had any Sony gaming device then you’ll know what I’m about to gripe about — the proprietary memory!
Ughhhh! Ok, I understand that they’re trying to ward off piracy and to also make extra — EXTRA –moola so you’d expect that with the purchase of the PS Vita that they’d throw you a bone and include a dinky 4GB card to get you started. Right? But, no. There were no bones to be thrown.
And so I’ve only been able to update the software and stare at it because I can’t do jack squat without the memory card — I can’t even play Lumines or surf the inna-net. What the pho?!
So, yesterday, I figured that I’d stop by Target after work to pick up a card, but they had none in stock — neither did Best Buy or Gamestop. Again, what the pho?! This is a reason why I hardly ever shop at brick-and-mortar stores…they never have things I need in stock.
When I got back home, I did what I should’ve done in the first place — order from Amazon w/ Prime and with 20% off.
Expected arrival is this Saturday. The wait is killing me.
PS. I pronounce Lumines as LU-MEENS. Apparently, it’s the incorrect way. Oh well.

New Fave Band: The Floating Heads

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electro // pop // rock // by jessica sun lee + leo white

It was cold. I was hunkered down for a night of figure sketching when I got the call:

“Let’s check out some bands over at the Radio!” Mr. Lee said.
“Uhhh…but I’m all settled and warm right now…” I whined.
“Come on — it’ll be fun!” Mr. Lee continued.
“Ughhh…ok, ok. Fine, fine. Let’s do this,” I relented.

It was freaking ass cold outside, but I’m so glad that I decided not to succumb to lame-ness by staying in. I did get several good sketches in so all was not lost on that front.

Three bands played that night and The Floating Heads were my fave by far.

The lead singer/guitarist Jessica Sun Lee was cute, funny, and I loved her voice. Definitely reminded me a bit of Sneaker Pimps and Ladyhawke.

Note: Not counting Jessica, Mr. Lee and I were the only other Asians in the house….as usual 😛

End O’ December Reading List

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Can you believe that I still haven’t gotten to these treasures yet? Oiy, what am I doing?!

Anyhow, there are only 5 or so days left in the year…1 or 2 if you believe the Mayan end-of-the-world prediction. So with what little time that’s left either way, I’m hoping that I can power through these:

What’s the rush? The fact that there are a couple Derek Kirk Kim books I want to get at 🙂

So, here’s to getting lost and inspired, especially with the nutshit craziness of the holidays — I mean, I <3 Christmas, but I also hate it at the same time. I mean, Christmas would be perfect if it were exactly like Thanksgiving, but still with the mistletoe, tree, Christmas movie specials, and music…oh, and snow.


If only I ruled the world.