Hello and Goodbye Nemo, aka Snowmageddon 2013

Hello and Goodbye Nemo, aka Snowmageddon 2013
From left to right, top to bottom: I should’ve written ‘HELP’ instead; we ran out of spots to dump the snow; MaMa Chan is way too meticulous with her shoveling; my little Fit and all the other cars were buried.
The weather people weren’t lying this time when they forecasted this blizzard.
But that’s to be expected living in New England. What has been surprising were the driving bans and public transportation system being shut down.
Needless to say, my arms are killing me from all the shoveling. It was pretty epic.
Let’s hope that the city will be dug out by Monday. And know that when I leave for work, my shoveled-out parking spot on the street will be claimed by me with a bucket.


Snowmageddon 2013

Snowmageddon 2013

It looks like this #Nemo weather situation is going to be a doozy of a blizzard.

The city is pretty much going to be shut down at noon — public transportation will be coming to a halt at 3:30PM. I was wiser this time around and did my essentials shopping yesterday — i.e., milk and a 6-pack of hard cider. I am good to go 😛

Anyhow, apologies for the digital dust bunnies accruing here — work has zonked me out as well as prepping for the Lunar New Year. And by the way, I’m always tempted to refer to it as Chinese New Year like most but Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and others celebrate it as well. With that being said, please be on the look-out for new comics every Wednesday and Friday.

Christmas Delight

Christmas Delight
If you’ve been following my trials and tribulations of late then you’ll know that I’ve been resurrecting my 1st generation PSP. I even tracked down the memory stick and everything to get it back up and running.
And then, and then…
A surprise from Mr. Lee on Christmas Day — the new PS Vita AND the latest Lumines game!
It’s such a beautiful piece of gaming — SO much lighter than my PSP dinosaur and I have to say that the touch typing on this thing is better than with the iPad.
Ok and now the downside — but if you’ve ever had any Sony gaming device then you’ll know what I’m about to gripe about — the proprietary memory!
Ughhhh! Ok, I understand that they’re trying to ward off piracy and to also make extra — EXTRA –moola so you’d expect that with the purchase of the PS Vita that they’d throw you a bone and include a dinky 4GB card to get you started. Right? But, no. There were no bones to be thrown.
And so I’ve only been able to update the software and stare at it because I can’t do jack squat without the memory card — I can’t even play Lumines or surf the inna-net. What the pho?!
So, yesterday, I figured that I’d stop by Target after work to pick up a card, but they had none in stock — neither did Best Buy or Gamestop. Again, what the pho?! This is a reason why I hardly ever shop at brick-and-mortar stores…they never have things I need in stock.
When I got back home, I did what I should’ve done in the first place — order from Amazon w/ Prime and with 20% off.
Expected arrival is this Saturday. The wait is killing me.
PS. I pronounce Lumines as LU-MEENS. Apparently, it’s the incorrect way. Oh well.

PSP Resurrection

PSP Resurrection
This is the first version of the PSP and even tho it’s SO tempting to replace it with the PSP Vita, I shall hold off considering that the only game I love to play is Lumines — even tho there’s Electronic Symphony…gahhh!
Anyhow, aside from the games themselves, this now-heavy/clunky 1st generation PSP is still near and dear to my heart considering that my bro and I went to the Best Buy at midnight to wait until the doors opened up at 8AM so that we could be the first to get our grubby hands on it.
Lame? Most definitely.
So now, because it’s been so long since I last played, I have to wait for the 16GB memory stick I just ordered to arrive since the old 32MB one is too dang small — so small that I can’t even install the software update.
Anyhow, if I disappear for a bit, you’ll know why. It’ll be because of this most amazing game ever:
FYI, we were first and second in line. AND I had to jet to my art class right afterward.
Good times, good times.


Up Close and Personal with Cartoon Artist Lillian Chan

Up Close and Personal with Cartoon Artist Lillian Chan

Recently, I did a Q&A with JadeLuck Club, Celebrating Asian American Creativity.

1) Tell me about yourself. How old are you? What are you currently doing? Do you live in Boston? In Boston’s Chinatown?
Well, I was born and raised in Boston — primarily Jamaica Plain. Ever since I could remember I loved drawing and playing with words & images together. But, it wasn’t until much later — after graduating from UMass Amherst and working in the web development field — that I decided to actively pursue art. Currently, I’m the design director at Mimoco (www.mimoco.com), best known for the MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives. And during my off days — if I have much time left — I work on my comic Empty Bamboo Girl (www.emptybamboogirl.com)

2) Tell me about your childhood. How much does Ah Lin! reflect your family? Does your family own a Chinese restaurant, for example?
I grew up in a pretty typical Chinese immigrant family household. My dad worked as a cook in a Chinese restaurant out in the suburbs (and which he still does to this very day) and my mother started off as a seamstress back when the Leather District in Chinatown was bustling with fabric manufacturing. They worked hard so that my brother and I could have opportunities that they never had.

3) How did you get into cartooning? How did your parents feel about it?
I didn’t seriously get into it until I started working at the Sampan Newspaper, a small local newspaper in English and Chinese based out of Boston. I was writing for them at the time — putting my journalism degree to good use. But then the editor at the time and I started talking and he suggested putting together a comic for the newspaper. I liked drawing (he knew it) + writing so I thought I’d take a stab at it. I’ve been working on the comic ever since.

But as far as I can remember I’ve always been doodling.

4) What career did your parents want you to pursue? What did you decide to pursue?
Of course, my parents wanted me to study something that would give me a financially secure future — so something in the science or medical or accounting fields. My older brother studied biology and went into the biotech industry. But, I wasn’t science-minded whatsoever. So, while at UMass Amherst, I studied journalism since that was the only major that interested me. Studying art seemed to be out of the question. My parents weren’t enthusiastic about it and I didn’t have enough in me at the time to go for it.
So, I graduated and got a job at a publishing house doing something I was slightly interested in. It wasn’t until a few years later that I decided it was time to pursue art. I wasn’t happy so I applied to MassArt and was floored when I got accepted. My parents weren’t too happy, but by then I was old enough and determined enough.

5) Would you describe your mother as a “Tiger Mom?” And if yes, how so?
My mom is an old school “Tiger Mom.” No sleepovers (although my friends could come over). There were violin lessons but that came out of my own initial interest during grade school where our music classes were subsidized. She and many mothers of her generation had to be “Tiger Mothers.” Coming from poor circumstances with little education and immigrating to a country they knew nothing about meant that they had to make sure their children would have a better future than they did. I don’t think it’s simply about going to Harvard for the name (well, maybe), but moreso I don’t want you to have to struggle working in a restaurant 10+ hours a day or sewing non-stop.  But, it can become intense — the amount of pressure that’s placed to succeed. As a kid, you don’t understand…and for some, they’re able to understand as they get older while others can’t step back from it and it can get to them.
I’ve chosen to step back and find the humor — if possible.

6) What’s next for you? What do you hope to accomplish with your cartoon strip?
What’s next for the comic strip is developing it into a graphic novel. So, I’m going back to old comic pieces I’ve done and writing to make that happen — hopefully it’ll be finished by the end of the year.

7) Is there significance for your comic strip title, Empty Bamboo Girl? What do you intend for it to convey?
The term “empty bamboo” or “hollow bamboo” is a cantonese term (jook sing) for American Born Chinese folk — it’s a bit derogatory because it means that you look Chinese on the outside but you don’t possess anything authentically Chinese on the inside…you’re hollow like a bamboo. But, for me, I want to take back that term and embrace it. So, what if I am? Does that make me any less Chinese? No. I’m Chinese American…Asian American…and this is my experience.
I just hope that there are those who can identify with the comic strip and not feel alone in their situation — to find the humor in it all. Or, maybe I just need to find some company in my misery

Read the Q&A here. Much thanks to Mia who runs the site!

Shouted Out!

Shouted Out!

I found Lillian Chan on Twitter. She claims that no one knows about her cartoon, Ah-Lin!, but I hope to change that! I hope she doesn’t mind that I am posting her cartoon on an imaginary encounter with her parents on Facebook. For more of her cartoons, click here. She turns her upbringing by a Tiger Mom into a cute, appealing, and funny cartoon strip. Check her out!

Thanks JadeLuckClub, Celebrating Asian American Creativity!

Angry Reader of the Week

Angry Reader of the Week

Forgot to post this, but I was also Angry Reader of the Week for 1/15/2010 🙂

Gather ’round, good people. It’s time to meet another Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I’ve been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week’s Angry Reader is “doodler & dreamer extraordinaire” Lillian Chan.

Who are you?

A doodler & dreamer extraordinaire; indie comic artist — so indie that no one knows about me 😛

What are you?

I’m the daughter of Chinese immigrants, who taught me how to dream — even though they didn’t mean to.

Where are you?
Boston, where it is cold like a mutha…

Where are you from?
Born & raised in Boston, MA.

To read the full Q&A, go to AngryAsianMan!