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Black Lives Matter. | EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL

Black Lives Matter.

That is all. Full stop. If you find the statement to be political or controversial, then you’ve got an issue to deal with – racism. Here’s a Chinese translation of Black Lives Matter which I had my auntie review and give the thumb’s up on: 黑人的命也是命. It roughly translates to “Black peoples’ lives are lives …

Happy Clementine Collection by EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL

Happy Clementine Collection

New art and design featuring a happy clementine just in time for the upcoming lunar new year is now available on my Threadless shop. Why a clementine? Because it’s cute but also because it’s a symbol of good luck and wealth – the vibrant orange is a happy color that’s associated with good fortune.

EBG In Collaboration With Chinese American Family | EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL

EBG In Collaboration With Chinese American Family

In collaboration with Chinese American Family, Empty Bamboo Girl is releasing a set of kawaii good eats designs featuring dim sum, classic Chinese bakery sweets and fruits on baby apparel and greeting cards. Chinese American Family is a parenting site dedicated to helping American families proudly celebrate their Chinese heritage. The Chinese American Shop sells high …