If you watched the Marvel series Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones on Netflix, then you have a certain expectation of greatness. Anything else coming afterward should not suck. Well, Iron Fist becomes the exception. It sucks…really bad. There was nothing to care about in the series – absolutely nothing about the main character Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, that was likable or compelling. I wanted to punch him more than anything.

Slogging through the first 4 episodes was difficult, but I made it through to the end. What was most offensive to me throughout were the horrible fight scenes. Seriously, if the acting and plot are going to suck, then you best be putting effort into the fight choreography. But, not even that.

Don’t watch it if you don’t have to. I don’t know who’s going around saying that it’s good or that it gets better toward the end because they’re lying sacks of poo poo.

Check out the conversation Phil Yu (@angryasianman) and Jeff Yang (@originalspin) have on their new podcast They Call Us Bruce:

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