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The Asian Flush in Full Effect. “Fresh Off the Boat” Tackles This…Issue

Louis explains the effect of alcohol on the body to Eddie when he gets the Asian Flush. Watch #FreshOffTheBoat here: https://t.co/Euc8WBsDsT pic.twitter.com/XBfuJQoxBy — Fresh off the Boat (@FreshOffABC)…

Amy Poehler and Seth Reunite for a New Really!?! on Women’s Sports…Or Just Sports As We’d Like to Call It.


Samantha Bee late-night show on TBS

Hell yes please! Samantha Bee teases her upcoming late-night show on TBS with a funny jab at the current preponderance of male hosts. READ MORE [via MSNBC]

Jean-Claude Van Damme Recreates His “Kickboxer” Dance Scene – CONAN on TBS

I finally watched Bloodsport for the first time the other night and it was insanely good. After rediscovering Jean-Claude Van Damme’s amazingness, I am looking forward the the upcoming…

‘SNL’ Mocks Superhero Sexism With ‘Black Widow’ Rom-Com Trailer

[via Huffington Post]

Women Complimenting / Not Complimenting Each Other

This is so on the mark. Amy and her friends compliment one another.

Lululemon Spray on Pants: Jimmy Kimmel

Oh my hell! This is exactly why I don’t wear yoga pants cuz all you end up seeing is ass. And I’m not going to drop $$$ so…

Crushworthy: Stanford Cowbell Player Alex Chang

There is no job too small. Put your gusto into it ‘cuz Alex Chang sure did with the cowbell and it landed him on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show!

Everyone Wants to Date an Asian Woman, Interview with Kristina Wong

ahaha! Kristina Wong cracks me up! And I do agree — let’s file this under: best interview ever that’s how you do an interview New data shows that…

Jimmy Kimmel: Marvel Marketing Thor to Women [Video]

Oh schnap. Too funny.

Why Must It Be Monday?

This is how I feel most Mondays — hehe

Freeze Frame: KDrama Time

The other week, I pretty much zonked out on this KDrama called 49 Days. I put it on pause and…perfection.