Comic Sketch, Process Work

Working out the comic for Monday as well as for Friday.

My favorite doodle tools? 3B pencil, Staples pencil sharpener, and tracing paper — I like the smooth and soft texture of it…plus, I can flesh out my initial stick figure sketches with it.


Diner Sketch and Upcoming Comics

And so before I leave for my trip to Japan and Thailand in 6 days — *gulp* — I definitely want to squeeze in a couple comics.

The one coming up on Friday is set at a diner with a little racism thrown in to spice things up.

Oh, you silly people always asking me where I’m from ‘cuz saying that I’m from Boston, born and bred, is never sufficient. Oh, and how I don’t speak with an accent…which then makes me wonder so what if I did speak with an accent?


It’s 2013. People need to get out more.

*le sigh*