In the throes of year one of muthahood

In the throes of year one of muthahood

Year one of muthahood illustration

The first year of muthahood was painful – both physically and mentally.

I should’ve listened to my mother and chose the formula route. But, I drank the breastfeeding / breast milk is best kool-aid and so my life pretty much revolved around breastfeeding and pumping.

I already wasn’t getting enough sleep, but add in a pumping session in the middle of the night and that just made things worse. Oh, and the whole milk ducts getting clogged was no walk in the park. I thought my boobs would fall off. Luckily, I experienced these clogged ducts quite regularly until I discovered the magic of Soy Lecithin supplements. Don’t ask me anything about them. All I know is that I pop 3-4 a day and my boobs are good.

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Going out for fun was a pain in the ass because I would have to meticulously plan or bring my breast pump with me in which case I’d hide out in the car or find a room somewhere or resort to the bathroom stall – it happened once and only once.

And to add insult to injury, my hair fell out in clumps resulting in bald spots and weird hair fuzz.

I looked and felt like a hot mess.