The Circle of Mooncake Life

It’s interesting how the traditional foods I used to spurn in my tween / young adult years are now the foods I can’t get enough of. (This comic…

The Many Methods of Cooking Zong Zi

Some choose the old school method of boiling the bamboo wrapped sticky rice in a pot for six hours, which is not fun in the heat of summer….

From Sacrifice to…Fancy Shmancy Ice Cream: Fulfilling Immigrant Dreams

It’s always a fun challenge to condense everything you want to express into one, single comic panel. This week, I decided to tackle one again. So, did I…

“Call and Response: Illustration in Uncertain Times” exhibition at Pao Arts Center

Thank you to the Pao Arts Center and curator Leslie Anne Condon for inviting me to participate in this spring exhibition along with some amazingly talented artists. The…

Parenthood Moments

Never did I ever imagine…

Crushed Dreams

His dream is to play the guitar. My dream is to sit on the couch all day long. Not all dreams can come true.

Sick Again

As if having a sick toddler wasn’t stressful enough, I have to face my mother’s wrath as she continually blames me for his coughs and sneezes. It’s nice…

Happy Valentine’s Day…

or as our kiddo said the other day, “Happy Vaseline Day!” I mean, he’s not wrong.

Why do I even own a phone?

Not sure what the point of me owning a phone is these days. 99% of my calls, voicemails and texts are spam.

Gossip Folks

I do not ever spend my time wisely.