On Commitments

Who can say no to guava cake? Also, hi again 👋 It’s been awhile. But, the comics have returned. It’s the next chapter of my Chinese American life…

Little Miss…

I had to join the #littlemiss bandwagon.

A Job Interview Question

It’s a valid question to ask when you’re interviewing for a job, no?

Mei the 4th Be With You

… i *had* to.

UPDATED! “加油! Add Oil! We Can Do This!” Creative COVID-19 Communications

Last year, MAPC hired local artists and designers to produce creative, culturally resonant graphics, posters, videos, and other communications materials encouraging people to get vaccinated and take other…

MassArtober 2021: 31 days of art prompts

There are so many options now for art prompt projects in the month of October. This year, I’ve decided to participate in MassArt’s #MassArtober. The running theme for…

Happy Egg Tarts & Sweet Treats

Combining my love for iPhoneography and illustration on this Chinese bakery sweet treat case featuring egg tarts and friends (which I think are coconut cakes?).

Eat mooncake!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and get your mooncakes on! Also, what is a mooncake without the salted egg yolk?

With great power, comes great responsibility.”

We can all be heroes if we choose 🙂