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The Circle of Mooncake Life

It’s interesting how the traditional foods I used to spurn in my tween / young adult years are now the foods I can’t get enough of. (This comic…

The Many Methods of Cooking Zong Zi

Some choose the old school method of boiling the bamboo wrapped sticky rice in a pot for six hours, which is not fun in the heat of summer….

Happy Winter Solstice ?✨

My auntie 姨姨 says that winter solstice day will always be four days before Christmas. If only all the lunar dates were as easy to figure out. Enjoy…

Happy Egg Tarts & Sweet Treats

Combining my love for iPhoneography and illustration on this Chinese bakery sweet treat case featuring egg tarts and friends (which I think are coconut cakes?).

Eat mooncake!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and get your mooncakes on! Also, what is a mooncake without the salted egg yolk?

“What did the Chinese tamale say to the Mexican zong?”

It’s zong zi 粽子 making season, aka zong, joong, doong or Chinese tamale. In my family, we call them joong, which is the Cantonese pronunication. This traditional Chinese…

Celebrate Lunar New Year

Celebrate Lunar New Year and usher in the year of the ox with this cute tray of togetherness platter of sweets traditionally used to welcome visiting guests around…

Happy Winter Solstice

…or tang yuan (湯圓) eating time! It’s also a time for family to get together. A few years ago, I learned how to make black sesame-filled glutinous rice…

EBG In Collaboration With Chinese American Family

In collaboration with Chinese American Family, Empty Bamboo Girl is releasing a set of kawaii good eats designs featuring dim sum, classic Chinese bakery sweets and fruits on baby…