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In the style of The New Yorker comics. – everything is condensed into one panel.

Why do I even own a phone?

Not sure what the point of me owning a phone is these days. 99% of my calls, voicemails and texts are spam.

A Job Interview Question

It’s a valid question to ask when you’re interviewing for a job, no?

With great power, comes great responsibility.”

We can all be heroes if we choose 🙂

“It’s a line dancing lion dance.”

As a lion dancer, people often misheard me. “No, not line dancing, but lion dancing – as in, roar.” This is dedicated to all my fellow lion dancers…

“What did the Chinese tamale say to the Mexican zong?”

It’s zong zi 粽子 making season, aka zong, joong, doong or Chinese tamale. In my family, we call them joong, which is the Cantonese pronunication. This traditional Chinese…

Not so fun facts.

My brother’s friend once helped me out by fixing our boiler. I’d never met him before. The first thing he said to me after hello was “my wife…