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It’s some funny business…or not.

Little Miss…

I had to join the #littlemiss bandwagon.

Mei the 4th Be With You

… i *had* to.

“The Half of It” and the Ellie Chu Look

If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch Alice Wu‘s new film “The Half of It” on Netflix then get to it. It was a beautiful coming-of-age story…

Choose Your Quarantine House

I would definitely go with House 5 – intergalactic adventures? Hell, yes! But a close close second would be House 2.

Holidays with your Asian family be like…

There’s always going to be something. I typically ignore it because I just don’t give a shit.

3 Things to Consider Before ‘Reply All’ Email

There aren’t really 3 things to consider when you get the ‘Reply All’ itch – there’s only one. Don’t do it.