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Gossip Folks

I do not ever spend my time wisely.

Weird Families

Every family is weird.

Lunar New Year Married Life

Making it rain for the kiddos during Lunar New Year.

Learn Chinese

Our kiddo’s grasp of the Chinese/Cantonese language is what it is ??‍♀️ The title of this comic is inspired by that 2004 MC Jin jam “Learn Chinese.”

Why We Work

Find someone who will let you eat just the bread part of the bun guilt-free because they prefer that dense AF meat filling from the dai bao.

What did you just say?

Because no matter how old you get or how many kids you may have, your mother will always be your mother. Do not mess with her…or maybe it’s…

Happy holidays!

May the holidays bring happy memories and joy!

Happy Winter Solstice ?✨

My auntie 姨姨 says that winter solstice day will always be four days before Christmas. If only all the lunar dates were as easy to figure out. Enjoy…

So Chinese

You say “toe-MAY-toe,” I say “toe-MAH-toe.”

Love Knows No Bounds

Who knew there would be the day when you’d knowingly – of sound mind and body – eat food that someone has coughed on? When it’s your kid,…