The Cast of Characters

EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL: About Linah-Lin! 竹升女
She’s a 30-something year old still trying to figure out her place in the world.
EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL: About MaMa ChanMaMa 媽媽 Chan
The matriarch of the family has her way of doing things and is focused on making sure family traditions are followed.
EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL: About BaBa ChanBaBa 爸爸 Chan
He spent the past 30 years working as a cook at a Chinese American restaurant out in the suburbs. He is now enjoying retired life.
EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL: About ZTse “Z” 哥哥 Chan
“Z” is ah-Lin’s older brother which means he takes on most of the family responsibilities. It’s a lot of pressure but he does it anyway.
EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL: About JennyJenny Chan
Jenny and “Z” recently got married after dating for some time. She comes from a non-traditional Chinese family so the dynamics she experiences with the Chans can sometime throw her for a loop.
EMPTY BAMBOO GIRL: About Yau-PingYau-Ping Lee
She is ah-Lin’s best friend since middle school.