In the pre-Coronavirus era, everyone was fine being their nasty selves. Handwashing? WTF was that?

After Coronavirus?

Everyone is now a hypochondriac…and / or a racist.

Asians and Asian Americans are today’s public enemy no.1. There’s a big difference between regular coughing vs coughing while Asian.

Videos are circulating of Asians and Asian Americans being shunned, yelled at and/or beaten.

I’m not scared for myself, but I am worried for my folks who are continuing to make their daily trips into Chinatown. During dinner, the Mister and I stressed to them to be careful and to not look anyone in the eye while on the subway or…anywhere else.

Are we overreacting? No. These are some racist times we are living through.

So, be safe, everyone – and wash your damn hands!

FYI I have witnessed way too many grown ass ladies leaving the restroom without washing their hands. I don’t care if all you did was just pee pee cuz the person before you probably took a dump and touched the stall locks and everything with their dookie hands. And so now, you’re spreading dookie and/or Coronavirus germs everywhere.

This comic appears in the March 6, 2020 issue of the Sampan Newspaper, The only bilingual Chinese-English Newspaper in New England.