Empty Bamboo Girl features the mundane and sublime adventures of an awkward, good, and sometimes-evil woman-child.

Why ‘Empty Bamboo Girl?” Well, the phrase jook-sing (竹升 in Cantonese/Chinese) translates into empty or hollow bamboo but is generally viewed as “a semi-derogatory term used to describe Western-born Chinese. The implication is that a person is Chinese on the outside, but hollow on the inside.” Our heroine struggles with being a part of – and yet, not a part of – two worlds. Sometimes, it can be frustrating and sometimes it can be funny.

The comic continues to make its home and has been published by the Sampan Newspaper, New England’s Only Chinese-English Newspaper, since 2006.

Bill Amend of Fox Trot and me at PAX East 2017 | EMPTYBAMBOOGIRL by Lillian Lee
Here I am with one of my cartoon / comic strip heroes Bill Amend of Fox Trot at PAX East 2017 in Boston, MA

The Artist & Creator

By day, Lillian Lee (also known as Lillian Chan) is a Boston-based designer and illustrator who has been doodling ever since she picked up a crayon.

She got rejected from her high school art AP class, but persevered years later at MassArt after having studied journalism and working for a few years as a web monkey.

To see more of her design and illustration work, visit www.lillianlee.space.

Her food and travel blog lives over at www.bylillianlee.com.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram – but please don’t be weird.