More Pandemic Lessons

So many lessons being learned during this pandemic. Among them is the fact that all this time we could’ve voted in the c

Level Up During Covid-19

Prior to covid-19, I didn’t do much grocery shopping at the Asian supermarkets other than picking up the latest boba pop

New Normals in the Age of Covid-19

Things I did before Covid-19…and things I do now during Covid-19.

Is It Safe Yet?

Phase 3 of Boston’s reopening begins today.

Cancel Out Racism

This week my comic strip won’t be appearing in the Sampan Newspaper. There were concerns regarding the content. Editoria

Black Lives Matter.

That is all. Full stop.

Tips on How to Stay Safe as You Venture Out During Reopening

Who else is worried about getting hate-crimed?

Quarantine Coping Mechanisms

In the beginning, I went hog wild with every chip you could imagine – dill pickle chips, Cheetos, Doritos, boba popcorn, shr

Unprecedented Times

The temptation grows with each day. Maybe this time will be different…or maybe not.

Covid-19 Questions

My latest covid-19 comic was inspired by a brilliant gif.

Being Out & About During Covid-19

It seems as though everyone is expecting the other person to initiate the six feet of social distancing. In the end, no separa

A Tip On Video Meetings

As we all move into video meetings, online learning and television interviews, there’s just one tip to be mindful of. Be

Make It Better for the Next Generation

Our boy is bold. Our boy is sassy. And that’s what we love about him.

The Moms Are Ready

This coronavirus era has just reaffirmed my mother’s food hoarding / apocalypse planning ways. I guess she was right all


In the pre-Coronavirus era, everyone was fine being their nasty selves. Handwashing? WTF was that? After Coronavirus?

SONY Coronavirus…Hysteria

PAX East is a week away and SONY has decided to pull out of the convention over coronavirus (aka COVID-19) fears. Seriously?

I Don’t Like Splinters

This was our Friday night. Here’s the latest episode of my new comic “Frank Lee Amazing: Our Life Together.”

The Power of the Face Mask

It’s a great time be an Asian and Asian American. Coronavirus hysteria is in full force and you can feel extra long look

Lunar New Year Family Reunion Dinner Rituals

On Saturday January 25th, families will be getting together for lunar new year reunion dinners to celebrate the year of the ra

How to Live More Eco-Friendly in 2020

Happy new year! Thinking about turning over a new eco-friendly living leaf for 2020? Well, there are plenty of products out th

Holidays with your Asian family be like…

There’s always going to be something. I typically ignore it because I just don’t give a shit.

Happy Ugly Sweater Holidays

The ugly holiday sweater is officially a trend as every pop culture vehicle and even fast food companies get on the train.

Tales of Toddler-hood: Picky Eater

Get the latest comics sent to your inbox along with news and shop updates. Sign up for the EBG newsletter now. We were blessed

Tales of Muthahood: Sweet, sweet dreams

Get the latest comics sent to your inbox along with news and shop updates. Sign up for the EBG newsletter now. So how did your

May I Have a Seat? Baby on Board

I worked all the way through my pregnancy. That meant a lot of subway rides – changing lines, hoofing up/down stairs and thr

Halloween…Two Weeks Later

My body is now made up of 75% candy – primarily, Snickers and Twix fun size bars. Once again, I overestimated just how much

The Other Asian

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Living the High Life

I am definitely one of the more cheaper mofos out there in the world.

Asian Don’t Raisin

Something that you come to appreciate later in life is the fact that Asian don’t raisin.

The End of Summer

Where did the summer go?