Is It Safe Yet?

Phase 3 of Boston’s reopening begins today.

Black Lives Matter.

That is all. Full stop.

Tips on How to Stay Safe as You Venture Out During Reopening

Who else is worried about getting hate-crimed?

Quarantine Coping Mechanisms

In the beginning, I went hog wild with every chip you could imagine – dill pickle chips, Cheetos, Doritos, boba popcorn, shr

Unprecedented Times

The temptation grows with each day. Maybe this time will be different…or maybe not.

Covid-19 Questions

My latest covid-19 comic was inspired by a brilliant gif.

SONY Coronavirus…Hysteria

PAX East is a week away and SONY has decided to pull out of the convention over coronavirus (aka COVID-19) fears. Seriously?

The Power of the Face Mask

It’s a great time be an Asian and Asian American. Coronavirus hysteria is in full force and you can feel extra long look

Lunar New Year Family Reunion Dinner Rituals

On Saturday January 25th, families will be getting together for lunar new year reunion dinners to celebrate the year of the ra

How to Live More Eco-Friendly in 2020

Happy new year! Thinking about turning over a new eco-friendly living leaf for 2020? Well, there are plenty of products out th

Happy Ugly Sweater Holidays

The ugly holiday sweater is officially a trend as every pop culture vehicle and even fast food companies get on the train.

Halloween…Two Weeks Later

My body is now made up of 75% candy – primarily, Snickers and Twix fun size bars. Once again, I overestimated just how much

The Other Asian

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Living the High Life

I am definitely one of the more cheaper mofos out there in the world.

Asian Don’t Raisin

Something that you come to appreciate later in life is the fact that Asian don’t raisin.

The End of Summer

Where did the summer go?

I Got My First Tattoo

Who wears a long sleeve, hooded sweatshirt in 95 degree weather?

Rice, Rice Baby: The Latest Technology

Rice is serious bidness. In this week’s issue of the Sampan Newspaper: Who cares what the next iPhone 11 will look like

Shoes On, Shoes Off

Find out what happens when you go to someone’s house and…they don’t require you to take your shoes off.

Seeing the World Through a New Lens

Find out what happens when the perfect eyeglass frame for the perfect fit is found. For people with a low nose bridge, this ca