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From Sacrifice to…Fancy Shmancy Ice Cream: Fulfilling Immigrant Dreams

It’s always a fun challenge to condense everything you want to express into one, single comic panel. This week, I decided to tackle one again. So, did I…

With great power, comes great responsibility.”

We can all be heroes if we choose 🙂

“It’s a line dancing lion dance.”

As a lion dancer, people often misheard me. “No, not line dancing, but lion dancing – as in, roar.” This is dedicated to all my fellow lion dancers…

“Our” Social Distancing Normal

I was in the middle of working on an entirely different comic strip when this idea for a one-panel, The New Yorker-esque cartoon caption idea popped into my…

We are not the same people.

This latest comic for Sampan Newspaper was inspired by a Facebook post. Someone left a comment thanking their friend for sharing vaccine sign up information and that they…

BaBa Chan Gets a Spot on the Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-Out

It was a challenge navigating the MA Covid-19 vaccine sign up process for my dad who was eligible because he falls in the 75+ category for phase 1….

More Pandemic Lessons

So many lessons being learned during this pandemic. Among them is the fact that all this time we could’ve voted in the comforts of our own home and…

Level Up During Covid-19

Prior to covid-19, I didn’t do much grocery shopping at the Asian supermarkets other than picking up the latest boba popcorn snacks or a bag of baby bok…

Is It Safe Yet?

Phase 3 of Boston’s reopening begins today.

Black Lives Matter.

That is all. Full stop.