The Artist & Creator

An interview with Boston Progress Radio in 2010.

About Lillian Lee 陳婉蓮, aka 竹升女

I’m an illustrator & graphic designer and comic artist living in Boston, MA where I was born and raised with my husband, baby boy, cat…and my folks who live in the apartment below us. My mother’s side of the family speak Cantonese and my father’s side speak Toisonese. I am the daughter of a seamstress and cook.

When not making art, I lion dance which I’ve been practicing for the past 15+ years with a little dragon dance thrown in and obsess over all things Hello Kitty, pop music and Keanu Reeves.


Here are the people whose work inspire me. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet them…and, yes, I go through hair phases.

PS I was previously known as Lillian Chan.