Rice is serious bidness.

In this week’s issue of the Sampan Newspaper: Who cares what the next iPhone 11 will look like – we want to know what the latest rice cooker technological advances are…well, not me, but for some reason my mother is obsessed with having the latest rice cooker even though the only function she’ll ever use is the one button to cook the rice.

So, the rice cooker my folks had bit the dust a few months ago. On the hunt for a replacement, I found a basic model that would’ve been perfect. When I showed it to her, she was offended. She wanted the model with all the bells and whistles – timer function and various settings to make brown rice, white rice, congee, steamed vegetables or cake. She will use none of these settings, but will have peace of mind knowing that they are available to her.

We got her the Zojirushi 5.5 cup Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer. She loves it – it was a nice compromise.