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Since the covid-19 virus appeared in 2020, life just hasn’t been the same.

BaBa Chan Gets a Spot on the Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-Out

It was a challenge navigating the MA Covid-19 vaccine sign up process for my dad who was eligible because he falls in the 75+ category for phase 1….

SoooOOOooOOoo Many Mooncakes

The other week while on a grocery run for my folks at 99 Ranch Market, I saw the display for mooncakes which was perfect because I totally forgot…

More Pandemic Lessons

So many lessons being learned during this pandemic. Among them is the fact that all this time we could’ve voted in the comforts of our own home and…

Level Up During Covid-19

Prior to covid-19, I didn’t do much grocery shopping at the Asian supermarkets other than picking up the latest boba popcorn snacks or a bag of baby bok…

New Normals in the Age of Covid-19

Things I did before Covid-19…and things I do now during Covid-19.

Is It Safe Yet?

Phase 3 of Boston’s reopening begins today.

Tips on How to Stay Safe as You Venture Out During Reopening

Who else is worried about getting hate-crimed?

Quarantine Coping Mechanisms

In the beginning, I went hog wild with every chip you could imagine – dill pickle chips, Cheetos, Doritos, boba popcorn, shrimp chips, Andy Capp’s hot fries, honey…

Unprecedented Times

The temptation grows with each day. Maybe this time will be different…or maybe not.

Choose Your Quarantine House

I would definitely go with House 5 – intergalactic adventures? Hell, yes! But a close close second would be House 2.